Cultural Competency or Manaaki Atu Manaaki Mai is part of MBIE’s Te Whānau Manaaki suite of learning for staff who procure or manage social services.

Te Whānau Manaaki explores cultural aspects and procurement practices that support more effective social services partnering. The Manaaki Atu Manaaki Mai course focuses on two areas:

  • Tikanga – Understanding Self  starts the journey of exploring the practice of Tikanga that can be applied when partnering to achieve better community outcomes.
  • Whānaungatanga – Understanding Others continues the journey through the metaphor of pōwhiri.

Each consists of an online interactive module and a facilitated wānanga [workshop]. The wānanga can be delivered face-to-face or remotely, depending on your needs. It is recommended that face-to-face delivery is selected when possible.


  Who is it for:  Contract managers or people in similar roles working with social services providers.

   Duration:  Self - paced

You need to be a logged in, registered government user to complete this course.  Access the two courses here.